Last week a dear friend of mine wrote a short blog piece about Dads & daughters.  When I read her words I said out loud “YES!” Now, she wasn’t “man bashing” at all.  She was pointing out something I don’t think many men think about; how their treatment of women can affect their daughters.

No.  No I’m not gonna go on some feminazi rant. That ain’t me! But I do wanna share some of her amazing words.  She wrote “To the Dads I know who have little girls. You may not feel like her role model but how you treat your daughters will be how she expects all men to treat her.  You set the standard.”

BOOM! Brilliant! This is so true.  Think about it guys.  If you treat your little girl badly then she’ll grow up wanting bad men. If you’re in a relationship,  married or dating, THINK before you speak.  THINK about how your words will affect a person that loves you. Think about your daughter. Would yout want some dude to lead her on? To break her heart? To make her cry? I’m guessing the answer is no. Think about how strongly you’d react if a guy treated her poorly. The thought probably pisses you off. AND it should!

Guess what?! A grown woman is still someone’s daughter. Think before you say things you don’t mean.  Think before you make plans you don’t intend on keeping. Think before promising stuff. Cause grown women, much like little girls, can be WAY TOO trusting.  Especially when in love.  We WILL believe the words you say….eventually.  If ya don’t mean the words, don’t say em! It’s that simple.

Now I realize both men & women can be crazier than a unicorn on meth. I get it!   I’ve had my nutbag moments! But sometimes the “crazy” is warranted. Sometimes “crazy” comes from being WITH crazy. I’m the first to admit I don’t always think before I speak.  My mouth runs faster than a fat guy trying to escape an angry bear. I’m emotional.  I lash out when hurt.  It’s juvenile but I’m working on it.  Everyone handles pain differently. But I do try to at least be honest.

Many of us don’t trust easily because of our past experiences.  And I think most of us try to move on from our past mistakes & learn to trust again. That’s what humans do.  And no matter what, EVERYONE will go through hurt in their life.

We all need to THINK!  Don’t let your daughters have trust issues guys. How you treat women in your life is how your daughters will expect to be treated. ALL kids, boys & girls, see and hear so much bullshit on a daily basis.  As adults we need to try & be positive role models.  Besides, fucking therapy is expensive.  Save yourself some loot!

YOU deserve the best! Your standards aren’t too high. Don’t settle.  Hell, I’d rather be happy alone than lonely in a relationship. YOU ROCK! Life is too short for “I don’t knows”

Carry on & be happy!  🤘☺

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