The continuing decline of Western Civilization……..

Now, you know I hate to be a bitch. Remember to breathe while your laughing. My apologies if coffee came outta your nose or mouth. 😉  HEADS UP….I’VE ALTERED THIS B/C OF CONFLICTING REPORTS.  TOOK A BAND’S NAME OUT BUT MY THOUGHTS ARE STILL THE SAME.  Giddy up!

I woke up this morning, made coffee & checked my Facebook page. The first post I see just made my blood boil. Shocker, I know. I’ve been in the radio business for about 20 years. I’ve had the honor of meeting many a rock star. And I mean TRUE rock stars: DIO, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Tesla, Anthrax, Lita Ford……the list goes on. It’s a HUGE deal to me when I meet these people. Not because I’m in radio but because I’m a major music fan. I have been since the age of 13. There are times I take my profession for granted but when I truly think about it, I’m one lucky bitch!

There was a band in town last night playing at a local club. The station I work for gave away tickets and “meet n greet” passes. Fans of the band got into the show for free and had the opportunity to meet the band. This is a BIG deal if you are really into the band. You don’t get to hang out long but you get to snap a pic and have the band sign something. Now, I’m not a big fan of this band. They’re a newer rock band and have become popular within the last few years. They have a chick singer who’s great but not amazing. She’s gorgeous and the band does put on an entertaining show. I totally understand why folks dig em but they just aren’t my thing.

I was able to put a few friends on the “meet n greet” list for the show as a few listeners were unable to attend. First thing I see this morning on FB is a rant against the band. One of my friends that went backstage to meet the band was less than thrilled. Apparently the singer refused to sign autographs because she didn’t want to use her pen according to my friend.  I dunno if this is true but IF it is…. HUH? I’m sorry?! You don’t want to WHAT?! Are you fucking kidding me?? Now THIS is the kind of thing that makes me absolutely nuts! Bands become popular because of the FANS! How dare you act like you’re better than the folks that made you into a rock star in the first place?! Are you out of your pretty lil mind?!

I have encountered this first hand with a band. Years ago a band called Saliva played a big outdoor show that the station I worked for was hosting. We were playing their new tune but only because I really liked it. No other stations in the country would spin it. I always liked the band, had seen them a few times and met them once. We had listeners that were scheduled to go backstage & meet the band. The band refused to do a “meet n greet” because they were too busy smoking weed. Yes. Yes they KNEW about the “meet n greet” prior to coming to town. They just decided they didn’t wanna stop partying for 15 minutes to say hello to fans. I lost my damn mind! I started cussing at the band & was yelling in my “loud” voice. Never a good thing. Long story short I got booted from backstage and had to apologize profusely to the listeners. I felt awful!! It wasn’t something I could control but it pissed me off. It made me look bad, made the station look bad and it made the band look bad. The following Monday I stopped playing ANY of their songs on-air and to date when I hear them, I cringe.

Years ago Amy Lee the lead singer from Evanescence gave an interview to a rock magazine. In her interview she slammed “older” rock stars and said they needed to give it up. Now Evanescence’s first album sold around 11 million copies. NOT bad at all. Their second album….not as many. Hell, I don’t even know if the band is still around. Ya know who is though? OLDER bands! The Stones, Aerosmith, Motorhead…they all still tour and they all still rock! My point is that some of the “newer” bands……bands that have only been around for 10/15 years if that……don’t seem to last. This isn’t the case with all bands mind you. But the music business now isn’t what it used to be. Holy Hell I sound like my Dad!!! But it’s true. There’s a reason you don’t have longevity in rock anymore. There aren’t bands that last and put out 30 albums like KISS, Sabbath & Zeppelin. The talent isn’t around. So many bands today have minimal talent and are over produced. They become so cocky after tasting a bit of “fame” that they end up ruining themselves. It’s sad. Obviously I’m not talking about ALL newer rock. But the majority of it doesn’t stick around long.

I’m rambling now so lemme wrap it up. My point is that the moment you think you’re “too good” for your fans is the moment your band will start to suffer. I realize I’m not on the same level as rock stars but ANY time someone takes the time to message me or email me, I respond. If someone comes out to see me at a gig, I take the time to talk to them. If they want a pic…no problem. If people take the time to show you “love” then you should be respectful. You don’t treat people like they’re lower than you. There seems to be a wave of “entitled folks” in this country now. Makes my head hurt. You’re supposed to work hard for what you want and when you achieve your dream, you’re supposed to be thankful. Where do these stuck up folks come from? News flash: NO. NO no one owes you a damn thing and just because you THINK you’re supposed to have a particular job doesn’t mean you deserve it. NO. NO you can’t act like the world owes you something. I don’t give a shit if you ARE a rock star. If you act like a jacknuts then I’m calling you out.

I’m glad I wasn’t at the show. I’m sure my boss is too. We ALL know my big mouth would have opened and it wouldn’t have been pretty. The singer would have experienced REAL bitch. 🙂 My apologies to anyone that was backstage last night if what I heard was true.  It is a total buzzkill when you get to meet someone you admire or dig and they act like they don’t care. Rock star, tv star, author, comedian or a person next door. Doesn’t matter who the person is. When someone treats you like shit it’s not festive.

I weep for our future on many different levels. What happened to accountability, responsibility and character? It seems to be lacking in numerous facets of society. The decline of civilization is real. Act like ya have some home training damnit!

All I got. Had to express my opinions. You KNOW I’m not good at that whole keeping quiet thing. I have a hard time with being “politically correct”….even if it involves my job. I shall be the “BitterBitch” with a conscious.

Rock on and try not to act like a total tool in life. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The continuing decline of Western Civilization……..

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! A lot of bands now a days seemed to have lost their way of where they come from. Hell, back in the day of the venue Headliners, I got pushed up on stage with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and he came up to me and gave me the microphone. I got to sing a full chorus of I will be heard! He then gave me a red bull I thanked him and dove back onto the crowd. Now THAT is customer service!


  2. I agree with you Mel. Some get to a point that they are better than everyone else. The fans make a band and without someone to listen, buy tickets and merchandise the band ain’t shit. Rant on and Rock on.


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