Bitter Burger Madness

Now, we all know that I can be a BitterBitch.  I embrace my bitterness, I share it and I try to spread it around to others. But most of the time my bitterness isn’t hateful.  I try NOT to roll that way….unless you REALLY piss me off. 🙂  

THAT said, I read something last week that bothered me.  A “friend of a friend” on FB posted a message on Hardee’s page.  She expressed her dislike for the restaurant’s TV commercials and said she was offended by them.  She also was upset that her kids see them. In the message she verbalized her disgust and let the fine folks at Hardee’s know that she would not be visiting their establishment any time soon.   She THEN went on to call all of the models that star in the Hardee’s commercials “whores”  This did not sit well with me. I’m totally guessing here but I have a feeling she was commenting on the new Hardee’s commercial where they pimp out their “all natural” burger.  In the commercial a VERY well endowed, young female eats a burger.  I’m not a guy but hell………I BARELY noticed the burger cause the chick was so hot!  I spent a minute looking through the replies to this woman’s post  and mostly men took issue with her.  I wanted to jump in but since I didn’t know the woman I refrained.  

My first problem with this broad is this: Why are the models in the commercials “whores?”  She doesn’t know these young women and I bet ya she doesn’t know anything about their personal lives.  My feeling is that this woman has some issues with her self-esteem and is not a fan of women that are “prettier” than her.  These chicks are making money off of their good looks.  I say hell yes!  Good for them!  If I was built like that I’d be walking around in a bikini too!  All day, everyday for that matter.   I wonder if this woman would have been upset if the star of the commercial were a nun.  Or someone Amish.  My guess is no.  I realize I’m not a “normal” chick but I’m ok with acknowledging beauty.  Women, men…don’t care.  Pretty is pretty.  This woman obviously needs to check the bitterness inside her.  Being that bitter over a damn burger commercial is a bit much, don’t ya think?

“Bitter Burger Woman” also doesn’t know anything about marketing or the demographic that Hardee’s is trying to hit.  They aren’t “going” for women..they’re going for men.  Specifically men between the ages of 18-34 is my guess.  How she didn’t figure that out I’ll never know.  She SEES the commercial with the hot chick in the bikini…her large boobs popping out….while she meals on a burger.  Ummm…HELLO LADY?!  NOT meant for you.  Duh?!  And as far as her kids go, the Hardee’s commercials don’t show anything kids couldn’t see at the pool or beach.  If she doesn’t want them to see hot, scantily women then maybe she should monitor which TV channels they watch.  I wonder what she does at the mall when she has her kids & they roll past a Victoria’s Secret or the lingerie section of a department store.  What does she do when they see a “sexy” billboard? 

I believe that kids grow up too quickly in today’s society. They see and hear adult things WAY too early in life.  Friends, phones, the internet, movies, TV, parents that want to be their “friend”………all contribute to children knowing more than they should at young ages.  I totally GET it.  But you can’t shield your child from everything.  It’s a commercial.  Honestly I think the bigger deal she makes out of it the more interested her kids will be.  And again…….it’s a hot chick in a bikini eating a burger.  It ain’t porn!  And calling the women in the spots “whores” just pisses me off.  I hate that in our society if you’re a pretty woman built like a brick shit house then you’re immediately dubbed as “easy” or a “whore.”  If you’re an overweight female then people just think you’re “lazy.” If you’re assertive and smart and vocal then you’re a “bitch.”  Annoys me.   I recognize I “pick” lots:  on celebrities, on crazy people BUT I try not to be hateful.  And I also pick on myself.  I realize I’m not perfect.  Hell no one is.  Maybe the “bitter burger woman” needs to ease up on judging others and take a looksy at her self.  OR…………maybe she just needs to eat a damn burger!  That’ll cure her unhappiness REAL quick.  Ya know I think most folks need a damn sandwich.  🙂

Rock on! 

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